Value Proposition

We help you save money, solve complex problems, and achieve a competitive advantage

Why should you select Cambian? You could build your own applications or buy them from someone else, but there are several compelling reasons to choose us. Cambian will enable you to obtain superior Health IT Solutions faster, more cost-effectively, and with less risk than alternative options.  Key reasons why others select Cambian are:

Application vendors

Faced with an increasingly competitive industry, evolving regulations and requirements, and more demanding users, application vendors need to constantly enhance their products. Rather than spending your time on development and certification processes, we can help you to stay focused on building market share and delivering exceptional service. By outsourcing some of your development and technical support needs to us, we can help you get to market faster, with lower up front capital costs, and reduced ongoing operating costs. We provide a variety of enabling technologies for performance management, scheduling, billing, information distribution, collaboration, messaging, statistical analysis, and reporting. And we have deep expertise in eHealth, human resource applications, electronic medical records, practice management, and revenue cycle management so we can offer you significantly lower lifecycle costs than if you carried out the work in-house.

Medical centers

Under constant pressure to squeeze higher performance from scarce resources, today's medical centers seek ways to boost productivity, enhance patient satisfaction, and improve provider benefits. Most organizations have made substantial investments in healthcare IT systems yet many are not happy with the results achieved. We can help you to implement new solutions, migrate applications to newer technologies, or enhance and maintain existing applications. With our flexible supply arrangement you can call on us for small or large projects. Our partnership model reduces both your capital requirements and your ongoing operating costs. And since we have a team of highly trained specialized staff we can carry out the work at a lower cost than if you were to use your own IT resources.

Health authorities, integrated care delivery networks, and other large enterprises

With a myriad of applications to develop, implement, integrate, and support, today's large healthcare enterprises face a daunting challenge. Application vendors are best equipped to deliver and implement their proprietary packages, but that often leaves the organization trying to figure out how to address many issues related to support of processes and applications that fall between the cracks of the major vendors. Portals, custom applications, and integration are often what is needed to address the full needs of the enterprise.  This is where we can help you to implement new solutions, migrate applications to newer technologies, or enhance and maintain existing applications. With our specialized staff and enabling technologies we can deliver the solutions you want faster and often for significantly lower cost than if you went to your core application vendors.