Revenue Management

Integrated systems that improve and accelerate the revenue cycle

Cambian has developed billing and audit solutions for business partners and end-customers in Canada and USA. The target customers for our solutions include health regions, single and multiple medical group practices, physicians, and other caregivers. These customers need to quickly and cost effectively manage billing procedures for all types of claims (direct, third party, and reciprocal billing), supporting many differing insurance plans and jurisdictions, fully integrated with processes for medical records management.

Out-of-the-box packages or solutions tailored to meet your unique revenue management needs

Whether you need a packaged physician practice management system or a enterprise-wide revenue cycle management solution customized to meet your requirements, Cambian can help you enhance your business performance. We have developed a variety of systems for different sized enterprises and specialty areas.

Large physician practices and 
healthcare enterprises

For large organizations we can create a new comprehensive revenue management solution or migrate and enhance a legacy system. We recognize that the best solution for larger organizations often is a system tailored to meet the unique business requirements including specialized processes, applications, and data. With extensive technology and expertise in revenue management systems, we can help you achieve enhanced business performance while saving you money in implementation and ongoing lifecycle costs.

Small- to mid-sized physician practices

We partner with vendors that offer packaged applications designed for smaller practices, referring clients to the solutions that will best fit their needs. If you are looking for a solution for your small practice, please give us a call and we would be happy to help you assess the options available to you

Collaborative, long-term relationships

With deep understanding of revenue management solutions, we can accelerate development and reduce risk. And because we have highly specialized resources on staff, we can provide high quality maintenance and operational support delivering value well into the future.


Example: Comprehensive Medical Billing

Cambian has expertise in the development of billing applications. The major features found in these applications are typical of an integrated medical billing package such as:

  • Claims Creation and Invoicing - Entry of billing information and early validation.
  • Claims Submission - Preparation of claims for submission, batching, and transmission.
  • Claims Remittance and Insurance Payments/Adjustments - Matching payments to claims and posting insurance payments/adjustments.
  • Patient Payments and Adjustments - Handling patient payments from patient or guarantor.
  • Code Management - Managing the lists of codes used in claims/invoice management.
  • Financial Management - Verification of payment, revenue reporting, period end processing/reconciliation, and export to 3rd party accounting packages.
  • Statistical Analysis - Optional set of reports including sales analysis and other business performance measures.
  • General Capabilities - Security, database independence, feature configurability, multi-lingual, multi-user, performance monitoring, logging, transaction isolation, online backup, and standards support.