Interfaces and Integration

Improve workflow and productivity by connecting systems and processes

Excellent organizations operate with timely communication of required information at every edge of their business. And in today's fast paced world where web applications raise the expectation for real-time data, Cambian is providing IT solutions that are transforming the operations of companies from tapped-out, good-but-slow, mechanical processes to smooth automated processes that enable higher performance and enhanced patient care.

Drawing from years of experience, and best practices across multiple industries, we offer solutions that integrate business processes, applications, and data within and across your extended enterprise. Organizations that can anticipate and react quickly to new information and to changes in business requirements have a competitive advantage over those with more rigid information infrastructures. 

Cambian has extensive experience in deploying enterprise application integration solutions. We can assist your organization in formulating an integration strategy, gathering requirements, designing an enterprise application blueprint, organizing an integration team, or implementing a pilot project.

In addition to knowledge of various integration tools, we have extensive experience with respect to a unified Web services infrastructure for enterprise application development and integration. Our experience includes:

  • Presentation services
  • Business process automation services
  • Catalogs
  • Registries
  • Performance reporting services
  • Application integration services
  • Document transformation services
  • Event management services
  • Security services
  • Deployment and administration tools

By partnering with Cambian you gain access to a wide range of integration tools and methods, backed by skills and experience working with many varied systems and technologies. This diverse background enables us to draw on solutions that have already been developed and tested so we can integrate faster and more reliably to your unique systems.