Electronic Medical Records

Full-featured, standards-based EMR/EHR applications 

Cambian has developed electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) management applications as well as components and underlying technologies for business partners in Canada and USA. We have delivered a range of solutions for general and specialized medical records management applications.

Innovative information technology that enhances care delivery

Health Information Technology, properly designed and used, can transform care delivery in many ways. With electronic medical records instantly accessible, incoming information is immediately incorporated, and diagnoses and other treatment decisions are made with a better understanding of the situation and the available options. Having electronic records reduces wasted movement, duplication, dictation-transcribing and other inefficiencies. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that data collected from many electronic medical records can be aggregated and then analyzed to gain otherwise unattainable intelligence about the sickness and health of communities of patients, as well as the success or failure of various treatments and methods for delivering care.

Solutions for medical centers, 
health authorities, and 
integrated care delivery networks

Cambian has application components, technologies, and expertise that enable us to create a new comprehensive EHR/EMR solution or migrate and enhance a legacy system while saving you money in implementation and ongoing lifecycle costs. We have experience bringing together a combination of legacy and leading-edge technologies to leverage past investments while also benefiting from the latest standards, components, and services.

Package Development for 
Leading EMR/EHR Vendors

Cambian develops solutions for leading EMR/EHR vendors. We have strong relationships with our partners, forged on trust and mutual respect. Read more about what our partners think of Cambian.


Example: Specialized EMR/EHR Applications

Cambian has expertise in the development of specialized applications. One such application is for chronic disease management with the following capabilities:

  • Care element, target, and interval data management, including user-defined targets and intervals.
  • Configuration and filtering of care elements by patient and clinic, including addition of new care elements to be tracked.
  • Comorbid condition tracking.
  • Integrated rule engine for decision support alerts, reminders, targets, recommendations.
  • User-customizable flowsheet definition and UI/data collection configuration.
  • Reporting with specific chronic disease reports as well as ad-hoc queries.
  • EMR integration API for bidirectional data exchange between CDM system and EMR system.
  • Support for allied health provider viewing and editing of CDM data.