Next generation healthcare connectivity solutions

Cambian specializes in the use of innovative web applications and enterprise technologies that enhance care delivery.  The target customers for our eHealth solutions include healthcare enterprises, practices, vendors, and anyone interested in more effectively sharing and utilizing healthcare information. We have developed a variety of portals over the past decade, and our solutions are used by leading organizations worldwide.

A new healthcare experience, where patients and providers securely and privately share & utilize healthcare information online

Over the past decade it has become obvious that portal technology offers a low-cost, flexible way to provide access to information across the extended enterprise. Patients expect to be able to make physician referrals, requests for medical advice, appointment scheduling, prescription renewal, and bill payments over the Web. Other expected services include pre-registration, claims queries, and accessing test results. All these services allow patients to manage their own care at their convenience while reducing staff time associated with patient inquiries. Providers similarly expect to gain access to patient data and clinical information online, and for this to be fully integrated with practice management systems. In addition, portals can provide the electronic foundation for a community’s patients’ longitudinal medical records (pre-natal to post-mortem), consisting of hundreds of community-based encounters with many diverse, providers and provider organizations.

Select the best portal solution, not just the add-on provided by your EMR/EHR vendor

Many large organizations acquire portal technologies from their core clinical information system vendors only to be disappointed. This is because Web portal software is often perceived as an add-on to a larger information system purchase. And, typically, EHR/EMR vendors do not specialize in portal software because it is a new technology and a smaller item on a large contract. When purchasing your portal, you should think of it as an independent, robust and scalable system that can help you address challenges of healthcare user diversity and technology evolution. 

Next generation solution

Cambian provides a powerful, standards-based, secure set of communication tools that enables tight collaboration between providers, patients, health plans, and pharmacies. Our solution also gives doctors faster access to patient information and eliminates paperwork to allow doctors and staff to focus on patient care. Our secure integrated portal technology enables doctors to overcome inefficient manual processes and reliance on outdated forms of communication.


Example: Patient and Provider Portal

Cambian's portal technology enables healthcare organizations to provide online health services to patients and to give providers more flexibility in managing how they deliver care. This is achieved by improving information accessibility, streamlining workflows aross the enterprise, and integrating with existing patient information systems. Capabilities of this solution include:

  • Patient Services - New patient registration. Patient entry of pre-visit data. View registration and key clinical data online.
  • Appointments - Select services by types, locations, details, and available times with online confirmation, payments, and online tracking. Support for appointment reminders and recalls.
  • Clinic and Provider Schedules - Manage clinic schedules, individual provider schedules, and availability details.
  • Content Management - Quick and easy website content management.
  • Self-serve Access - Users manage account, password, contact details, and other demographics.
  • Interface with healthcare IT systems
  • General Capabilities - Secure managed service, online backup, and standards support.