About Us

Cambian provides integrated health information technology solutions

Our customers include application vendors, medical centers, health authorities, and integrated care delivery networks across North America. Organizations that manage healthcare processes, applications, and data are under constant pressure to perform. Both patients and regulatory agencies demand that providers, payers, life sciences companies, and suppliers leverage new technology to improve the quality of delivery while controlling costs. To increase operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and delivery costs, and enhance patient health and wellness, our customers need solutions that enable improved communication and higher productivity.

Our mission is to build and deploy innovative information technology that enhances care delivery. We offer a complete suite of business services. Whether you want to develop a new business application, enhance an existing application, or integrate and manage various processes, applications, or data, you can expect a full-featured, high-quality system, faster, and at lower cost from Cambian.

Unlike other solution providers that typically offer either healthcare knowledge or IT skills and experience, we offer the best of both worlds with the latest technologies combined with deep expertise in eHealth, human resource applications, electronic medical records, practice management, revenue cycle management, and outsourcing.

With expertise in the development and operation of integrated healthcare applications, Cambian understands the unique issues you face and can draw on past experience to quickly and cost effectively meet your needs. We have a wide range of proprietary technologies for performance management, scheduling, billing, information distribution, collaboration, messaging, statistical analysis, and reporting that accelerate development. We specialize in eHealth, and offer advanced portals that bring together information of interest to patients, providers, and others that want to reach these users.