Health Information Technology Solutions

Reducing risk, reducing cost, and accelerating integration of applications

Cambian helps organizations that manage healthcare processes, applications, and data to leverage new technology to improve the quality of delivery while controlling costs. Over the past decade, Cambian has earned trust and respect by collaboratively delivering solutions that leverage years of experience in the development and operation of integrated healthcare applications.


Our customers include medical centers, health payers/authorities, application vendors and integrated care delivery networks across North America. Organizations that manage healthcare processes, applications, and data are under constant pressure to perform. Both patients and regulatory agencies demand that providers, payers, life sciences companies, and suppliers leverage new technology to improve the quality of delivery while controlling costs. To increase operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and delivery costs, and enhance patient health and wellness, Cambian delivers solutions that enable improved communication and higher productivity.


We save customers money and time using new and innovative technologies for performance management, scheduling, billing, information distribution, collaboration, messaging, statistical analysis, and reporting. We specialize in applications that bring together information for patients, providers, and others that want to reach these users.

Expertise available to help you

Our knowledge of the healthcare industry complemented with information technology competence and capabilities helps you save money, solve complex problems, and achieve a competitive advantage.


Advanced Clinical Scheduling

Cambian Scheduler books appointments, allocates resources, and manages wait lists for large healthcare service delivery organizations. Using the latest technologies and standards for Web / mobile applications, Cambian Scheduler is flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use.  The  architecture enables seamless integration with enterprise applications to ensure exceptional user experience now and in the future.

Cambian Scheduler is integrated with Panorama and is being deployed across Canada in public health clinics.



Cambian provides integrated health information technology solutions. Read more about us in this 2-page overview of our products, solutions, and services.